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All you ever wanted to know about offshore companies by Bowman Offshore Bank Transfers

  Why set up a company in a tax haven?   If you ask someone what an offshore company is, they’ll often reply that it’s a company set up in a tax haven (so far, so good), but also that only traffickers, terrorists, and the mafia use them, and that they’re obviously immoral and illegal. Even the most well-informed people will tell you that it’s an expensive and..


Bowman Offshore Bank Transfers on Top Tips on Securing an Overseas Mortgage

  If you are thinking of purchasing a property abroad and require a mortgage, there are a number of aspects that need to be taken into account.   There are also added advantages of utilizing the services of an independent bank – rather than one connected to the developer or selling agent - as they will check the legalities and carry out a valuation of the property, although th..


Bowman Offshore Bank Transfers: Is it Dangerous to Transfer Your Offshore Money into the U.S.?

  This is a question we receive often. With the implementation and enforcement of FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act), the United States is increasing enforcement priority of noncompliant US account holders.   More than 100 countries and tens of thousands of foreign financial institutions have agreed to report US account holder information to the United States.   But I..